Cove Capital Phoenix Pharmacy DST

Phoenix, AZ

Asset Class:Single Tenant Retail
Leverage:0% – All-Cash/Debt-Free
Location(s):Phoenix, AZ
Minimum Investment:$25,000
Current DistributionMonthly/Inquire
Offering Type:Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)
1031 Exchange Qualified:Yes

Property Description

All-Cash/Debt-Free Offering. 100% leased by Walgreens, absolute NNN lease. Located on a signalized hard corner

Walgreens is one of the largest retail pharmacy, health and daily living destination across the US and Europe. Long-term lease until June 2028 with ten 5-year renewal options. Located in a densely populated trade area.

MSA Details

The greater Phoenix area’s sunny climate, vibrant lifestyle and prospering business community attract thousands of visitors, new residents and entrepreneurs annually. The city offers proximity to major population centers in the Southwest including Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas, as well as strategic placement along the Mexico/NAFTA corridor, which provides direct access to international trade and business opportunities.

Property Highlights

  • Single Tenant, Net Lease Pharmacy
  • One building covering 14,560 RSF on 1.79 acres
  • 100% guaranteed lease by Walgreens
  • Leased until June 2018 with ten 5-year renewal options
  • Located on corner with combined traffic count of 48,354 cars per day
  • Surrounded by densely populated trade area, 210,000 residents over 5 miles
  • Debt-Free

Source: Brochure, PPM

The market information provided above may not predict the future performance of the property.

*Distribution is not guaranteed and is subject to available cash flow. For further information about cash flow distributions from operations and capital events, please refer to the offering’s Private Placement Memorandum.

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There are significant limitations on the ability to sell or transfer interests.

Expected cash flows and returns may not be realized and a loss of invested capital is possible.

The Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, Master Tenant, Trustee & Affiliates will all receive substantial fees relating to the syndication, ongoing management and disposition of this offering.

Securities offered through FNEX Capital, member FINRASIPC.

There are important risks specific to each tenant and their respective leases, including expiration dates, early termination options, renewal options and economics relating to rents paid and expense reimbursements. Should a tenant fail to meet their obligations, terminate early or fail to renew their lease it could have a material negative impact on the financial performance of this property.