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About Cove Capital Investments, LLC

Cove Capital investments creates investments for accredited investors, with an emphasis on debt free 1031 exchange Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments as well as debt free real estate funds. Our offerings are attractive to those investors seeking to potentially mitigate risk through debt free offerings with no long-term mortgages encumbering the properties, which is a contrarian investment approach to most other offerings on the market.

Cove Cove Capital 1031 exchange DST and fund offerings have included the following tenants and businesses: FedEx, Walgreens, CVS, Fresenius, DaVita, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Advanced Auto, Wawa, Frito Lay, and more.

Cove Capital raises capital from high net worth accredited investors via broker dealers, registered investment advisors and registered representatives throughout the United States.

The Cove Capital portfolio consists of over 80 properties with an acquisition value of over $580,000,000. The principals of Cove Capital investments endeavor to invest alongside 1031 exchange investors in each of their offerings. Cove Capital also is believed to have been the first DST sponsor to successfully launch and fully subscribe multiple debt free multifamily DST offerings.

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A commitment to providing investors with ALL-Cash/Debt-Free investment options:

At Cove Capital investments we seek to provide our investors with debt free real estate investment options for their 1031 exchange and direct investments.

We believe that this provides a level of risk mitigation to 1031 exchange investors that is not found in most DST investments.

The principals of Cove Capital investments have sponsored and co-sponsored the syndication of nearly 2 million square feet of DST properties in the multifamily, net lease, industrial and office sectors as well as they seek to invest side by side their 1031 exchange investors in each of the Cove Capital offerings.

The Cove Exit Strategy:

At Cove, due to our debt free DST 1031 offerings, we are free to pursue whichever exit strategy provides the most potential opportunity to our investors. We also are not constricted by lender prepayment penalties, lender maintenance and cast defeasance costs that other DSTs with loans are bound to, allowing us to be more flexible in selling assets when the right opportunities present themselves.

Cove Capital Investments Seeks to Provide:

  • Risk Adjusted Durable Income Streams
  • High Quality Tenants
  • Risk Mitigation – Debt Free*
  • Multiple Exit Strategies

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    (Accredited investors are defined under SEC Rule 506 of Regulation D. Generally, an investor is deemed accredited if their net worth is greater than $1,000,000 exclusive of their primary residence and/or their annual income exceeds $200,000 for the current and past two years. Click here to view an applicable SEC bulletin.)
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