Cove Capital Investments Announces Another Successful Return for Investors in a Custom DST Property That Goes Full Cycle*

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The all-cash/debt-free distribution facility DST offering in Winston-Salem, NC goes full cycle to post total returns of 126.72% for accredited investors

Cove Capital Investments, a private equity real estate firm providing accredited investors access to 1031 exchange eligible Delaware Statutory Trust offerings as well as other real estate investment offerings, announced it has successfully brought one of its custom DST offerings full cycle on behalf of multiple 1031 exchange and cash investors.

“Full Cycle” is the name used to describe a Delaware Statutory Trust property that is purchased and then sold on behalf of a group of accredited investors after a period of time. For example, Cove Capital recently brought this Tacoma Data Center full cycle in similar fashion.

According to Chay Lapin, Managing Member and Co-Founder of Cove Capital, the Winston-Salem industrial distribution facility DST, sold on behalf of a group of DST accredited investors who, for those investors that closed simultaneously on the DST investment the day that the property was purchased, realized a 126.72% total return, or a 7.19% percent annualized return from their DST 1031 investment*.

“We are proud to have provided another successful custom DST investment opportunity to our clients that resulted in a quality full-cycle return. While past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood of future results, this particular full cycle investment return marks a significant victory for our investors and another successful outcome for the entire Cove Capital team*,” said Lapin.

Lapin explained that Cove Capital offered this custom DST to both 1031 Exchange and direct cash investors. The DST investment included a 30,947 square foot distribution facility that was located in a dense industrial corridor surrounded by numerous distribution-related tenants and just one mile away from Wake Forest University. In addition,

The industrial property was 100 % leased to an investment grade tenant with a BBB rating by Standard and Poor’s, and was available to accredited investors as an all-cash/debt-free DST offering that provided investors no risk of lender foreclosure.

Lapin also explained that the combination of a favorable location that was also secured by a long-term lease that was corporately guaranteed by a national tenant, and with an attractive price point per square foot made this industrial distribution facility DST a particularly attractive investment for Kay Properties.

“We originally acquired the Winston-Salem industrial property approximately four years ago because we saw the asset possessed core real estate value with a stable, investment grade tenant, and strategically connected to Smith-Reynolds Airport via a major transportation artery running through the heart of the Winston-Salem sub-market,” said Lapin.

According to Lapin, like all of the Delaware Statutory Trust investments Cove Capital invests in, this property was carefully vetted by the Cove team of due diligence and analytics experts before it was made available as a custom DST to investors.

“We are very pleased to have provided our investors with stable, uninterrupted monthly distributions throughout the entire hold period and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.While past performance is certainly no guarantee of future results, and any real estate investment comes with risks, we were pleased to successfully go full cycle and deliver attractive returns on a debt free DST investment for our clients*,” said Lapin.

About Cove Capital Investments

Cove Capital Investments is a private equity real estate firm providing accredited investors access to 1031 exchange eligible Delaware Statutory Trust properties as well as other real estate investment offerings. The Cove Capital team consists of Acquisitions, Asset Management, Accounting, Due Diligence, In-House Counsel, Investor Relations, Marketing and Capital Markets. Cove Capital maintains a robust current inventory of DST and private equity real estate offerings potentially available to investors. Cove Capital Investments has sponsored and co-sponsored the syndication of over 2.3 million square feet of 1031 DST and real estate offerings in the multifamily, net lease, industrial and office sectors. The Principals of Cove Capital Investments seek to invest alongside investors in each of their offerings.

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