9.75% Annualized Distribution Potential*
$50k Minimum Investment

Investment Highlights:

✓  9.75% Annualized Distribution Potential* 
✓  Monthly Payments via ACH
✓  Minimum Investment: $50,000
✓  Projected Hold Period: 4 Years with a limited liquidity feature
✓  Available for IRAs and 401ks
✓  Accredited investors only


✓  Monthly Income Potential
✓  Alternative to Incredibly Low Returns at the Bank
✓  Alternative to Stock Market Volatility


The Cove Acquisition Fund 4, LLC was formed to facilitate the acquisition and inventory of long-term net leased assets, multifamily assets and private equity real estate investments which will ultimately be offered to high net worth accredited investors under various Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and real estate securities offerings. The offering provides investors with the ability to participate in Cove Capital’s inventorying of Real Estate Assets prior to syndication. We intend to continue our DST and Real Estate Securities offering creation and this offering allows investors seeking current income potential to participate.

*The Debentures will bear non-compounded interest at the annual rate of 9.75% per annum (365- day year basis) on the outstanding principal, payable monthly between the twentieth and twenty-fifth day of the following month. An investment in the Debentures will begin accruing interest upon acceptance and closing of the Investor’s Subscription Agreement. There is a risk Investors may not receive distributions, along with a risk of loss of principal invested.

*Annualized distributions, cash flow, potential returns, and potential appreciation are not guaranteed.


Cove Capital Investments provides NNN and DST properties for qualified investors, with an emphasis on debt free real estate investment options for their 1031 exchange and direct investments. Cove Capital's NNN and DST offerings have included the following quality tenants: FedEx, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, Fresenius, DaVita, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Advanced Auto, Tractor Supply, Frito Lay, and more. Our offerings are attractive to those investors seeking to potentially mitigate risk through debt free offerings with no long-term mortgages encumbering the properties, which is a contrarian investment approach to most other offerings on the market.

*Representative photos/images. Actual offerings and properties will vary.

What Our Clients are Saying

"Our experience with Cove Capital has been exceptional. They were really professional. Everything went smoothly, and in a timely manner...”

–Valerie D.

"Many thanks to Karen and the entire Cove Team, for the highly efficient, professional manner in which you have handled this matter on our behalf. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Cove.”

–Ross Y.

These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood of future results. These clients were not compensated for their testimonials. Please speak with your attorney and CPA before considering an investment.

All real estate, NNN and DST properties carry the risk of a complete loss of invested capital and that returns/cash flow/appreciation/distributions after appreciation are not guaranteed and could be lower than anticipated. This material does not constitute an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Such offers can be made only by the confidential Private Placement Memorandum (the “Memorandum”). Please read the entire Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for a full discussion of the business plan and risk factors prior to investing. The Sponsor may potentially utilize equity or financing in the form of a bridge loan, first mortgage, preferred equity or mezzanine financing regarding the acquisition of the Property. This poses a level of risk to investors if the Sponsor was unable to raise the entire offering amount and retire the equity or financing, including foreclosure and a complete loss of investor capital. By accepting this material, you agree to keep all terms and provisions of this offering and the lease confidential, and you will not share or disseminate any of the information in this offering or the lease. IRC Section 1031, IRC Section 1033 and IRC Section 721 are complex tax codes therefore you should consult your tax or legal professional for details regarding your situation. There are material risks associated with investing in real estate securities including illiquidity, vacancies, general market conditions and competition, lack of operating history, interest rate risks, general risks of owning/operating commercial and multifamily properties, financing risks, potential adverse tax consequences, general economic risks, development risks and long hold periods. There is a risk of loss of the entire investment principal. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Potential cash flow, potential returns and potential appreciation are not guaranteed. DST properties and other private placement real estate investments are for accredited investors. Accredited investors are defined under SEC Rule 506 of Regulation D. Generally, an investor is deemed accredited if their net worth is greater than $1,000,000 exclusive of their primary residence and/or their annual income exceeds $200,000 for the current and past two years. Click here to view an applicable SEC bulletin. If you are unsure if you are an accredited investor and/or an accredited entity please verify with your CPA and Attorney. Nothing contained on this website constitutes tax, legal, insurance or investment advice, nor does it constitute a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any security or other financial instrument.Securities offered through FNEX Capital, member FINRASIPC.